Tanium Platform Advances Threat Identification Capabilities and Enhances Endpoint Reach

Tanium Platform Advances Threat Identification Capabilities and Enhances Endpoint Reach

Tanium, the industry’s only provider of converged endpoint management (XEM), today released major enhancements to the Tanium Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) that now include Common Vulnerability and Exposures (CVE) information. Tanium’s SBOM identifies software components on endpoints, including open-source software embedded in libraries within native and third-party software, enabling organizations to prioritize and remediate software supply chain risks with unmatched speed and scale. In addition to several new Risk & Compliance features, Tanium also announced the expansion of support for ARM-Based endpoints to help IT teams minimize blind spots and drastically reduce the need for separate endpoint tools. 

Software supply chain attacks continue to spike due in part to the increasing reliance of organizations on numerous third-party suppliers and service providers. To keep a firm pulse on the threats facing today’s most vulnerable and highly targeted organizations, Tanium has added SBOM to its Vulnerability Management solution to find, prioritize, and remediate emerging and zero-day vulnerabilities in the software components of applications, including open-source software embedded within application libraries, across all endpoints. 

“Over ninety-two percent of applications contain open-source libraries that may contain hidden vulnerabilities like Log4j, OpenSSL, or Struts, which are exploited by attackers,” said Nic Surpatanu, chief product officer, Tanium. “Federal agencies, cyber insurance providers, and other organizations are increasingly requiring an SBOM for all utilized software. Tanium SBOM is the only solution on the market that allows organizations to identify and remediate software supply chain vulnerabilities in production. This empowers DevOps and SecOps to identify and mitigate risks across development, staging, and production environments.”

In addition to confronting threats introduced by reliance on open-source software, today’s organizations also grapple with continually evolving processor architecture. In fact, the use of ARM-based servers grew sevenfold between 2019 and 2022 and ARM-based computers are expected to make up thirty percent of all personal computers by 2026. In 2022, Tanium rolled out support for endpoints running ARM-based processors from Apple and Amazon. With an eye towards futureproofing, Tanium has expanded its support to additional ARM-based endpoints running Oracle Linux, RedHat, and Windows 11. 

“We expect the use of ARM-based processors to continue to grow for the foreseeable future due to its better performance and lower energy usage compared to x86-based processors,” said Vivek Bhandari, VP, product marketing at Tanium. “With these enhancements, Tanium continues to empower customers to find and bring missing endpoints under management and move away from point solutions towards a single, unified platform.”

Today’s announcement also coincides with a host of new Risk & Compliance enhancements that will amplify the efficiency and efficacy of vulnerability and risk management programs, while also reducing the need for disparate point solutions. These include:  

As organizations continue to embrace digital transformation, comprehensive endpoint visibility, control, and remediation at scale and in real-time are crucial to mitigate risks from cyber threats of today – and tomorrow. To learn more about these enhancements, join the Tanium Innovation and Technology Update Wednesday, June 28, 2023, 11:00 – 11:30 am PT. Register today.